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Information about; volumetric weight, actual weight, dead weight and chargeable weight:

Before you call CargoMaster for a quote you need to know the dimensions and the weight of the intended consignment. When you send air freight it will be charged at the actual weight (dead weight, as they say) or the volumetric weight whichever is greater. The greater number will then be called the “chargeable weight” which will almost always be different from the “actual weight”. If you can imagine the size of a ton of feathers takes up and compared with a ton of bricks, were the bricks will take much less area and will likely be charged at the “actual weight”, whereas feathers would likely be charged at the “volumetric weight”. So in summary a consignment may not be heavy, but it may take up alot of space on the aircraft comparitive to its weight in such a case the consignment is likely chargeable at its volumetric weight.

How to calculate the chargeable weight of your consignment:

Its very easy to work out the volumetric weight of a consignment all you need to do is a simple calculation as follows:

LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT= TOTAL X 200= The volumetric weight of your shipment.

Another thing to remember is to try to keep your consignment height under 1.5m so as to ensure it will fit into the cargo hold door. If your consignment consists of a pallet of boxes, its a good idea to address and number each box. Remember, leaking or dirty freight could (it is likely) be rejected so make sure your cargo is clean and ensure your shipment is well packeged for air transportation. Give CargoMaster a call to help with getting your goods picked up


AIRBUS A330-200:



“What are air freight services”

“Air Freight Services are transportation services by air freight. CargoMaster offers a variety of Air Freight Services, including Domestic Air Freight Australia -Wide. Domestic Air Freight Services including Same Day Air Freight and Overnight Air Freight Australia-Wide. CargoMaster also provides International Air Freight Services from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. Call CargoMaster for an air freight quote today!”

“How much does it cost to ship air freight”

“The cost to ship air freight will depend upon the size and weight of the goods that you want to ship, the type of cargo that is being carried and the origin and destination are also factors that will influence the cost of air freight shipping. Call CargoMaster for air freight cost per kilo charges”

“How do I arrange my air freight”

“To arrange an air freight shipment ,simply call CargoMaster. Ensure your air freight is well packaged, clean and clearly addressed, if more than one piece, number your pieces. Make sure you know what the air freight is and identify any HAZ CARGO.”

“What is the difference between air cargo and air freight”

“Basically, there is no difference this is only terminology. We do notice however that the term Air Cargo seems to be used more in the USA and Air Freight is a more common term used in Australia”

“What is the major advantage of air freight”

“Without a doubt the biggest advantage of air freight is the time it takes to move the goods from A to B. Air freight is the fastest way to move your cargo. Another advantage is that air freight is a safer way to move fragile cargo and valuable cargo”

“Is air freight more expensive than sea freight”

“Yes, air freight is definitely more expensive than sea freight. Sea freight is better for larger type shipments or shipments that are not time sensitive.”

“Why is air freight so expensive”

“Air freight can be expensive but remember your cargo will more a lot quicker and if you have fragile goods air freight is a better way to move fragile cargo.”

“How is air freight cost calculated”

“Air freight cost is calculated by the actual weight of your goods or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater.”